There may come a time when you decide that the space you have available to you at your home just isn’t enough anymore. This is common and expected, considering a family’s needs never stay the same. As your expectations grow, so do your space requirements, so whether you’re in need of more storage space, an additional bedroom, or simply a new room that will serve a new kind of purpose, the way it is now, your home just isn’t enough anymore. Of course, one logical choice in this instance is moving house, but that not only creates more problems on its own, since many people grow attached to the places they live in, but it’s also one of the most expensive options to choose. All that’s left is an extension, but not everyone has enough room in the garden, and not everyone has a loft available for repurposing. What can you do, then?

The vast majority of London homes have a basement that often goes unused. This is a great waste, as with proper care, the basement can become a fully-fledged area of the home on its own. Depending on a home and the size of the basement, it can serve as a complete floor with several rooms, or just a single room, such as a playroom for the children or your very own home cinema. Whatever your idea for you basement may be, with basement conversions and basement extensions by T&G Prestige Refurbishments, you can make sure that your basement will live up to its full potential and let you enjoy your home to its fullest!

The best basement conversions and extensions around

T&G Prestige Refurbishments has over 15 years of experience in the field of refurbishment, and this includes countless basement conversion and extension projects. This makes us one of the leaders in basement conversion and extension in South East and South West London areas like Brixton, Chelsea, etc. T&G Prestige has satisfied a great number of clients over the years thanks to our professional approach, attention to detail, and prices that simply can’t be beaten.

If you have an old basement that is just dark, damp, and not at all inviting, there is a lot that can be done, and we’re the ones to do it! Our comprehensive basement conversion service is available to all South London clients and involves operations such as plumbing installation, damp-proofing, as well as many others that can transform your basement into a space that’s not only habitable, but also very warm and inviting.

Perhaps you already have a converted basement, but it’s a bit too small for your current needs. Or maybe you want to convert your basement, but want to make sure that it’s bigger beforehand. If that’s the case, your best choice is our comprehensive basement extension service. With our help, you can have a basement space that’s the ideal size for all your needs. Thanks to our rich experience, we are one of the most reliable South London basement extension experts, so you can trust us to get the job done without a problem.

A team you can trust

Basement conversions and extensions are quite delicate procedures that require a lot of care and attention to detail in order to avoid risks. A careless procedure can lead to structural damage that can impact the whole home, so you need to be sure you have a reliable expert at your side to handle all the work. Luckily, T&G Prestige Refurbishments has an excellent track record when it comes to South London basement extensions and conversions. Whether you live in Clapham, Brixton, Stockwell, Dulwich, or anywhere else within the area, you can count on us. This is because all of our employees are the best at what they do. Each one has many years of experience in converting and extending basements, so you can be sure that our every move is careful and meticulous. Our professional experience is only backed up and made manifest through the excellent tools we use in our everyday work. That, combined with the top-quality materials we use for every project, makes us some of the most reliable basement conversion and basement extension experts in South London.

Top service from start to finish

T&G Prestige Refurbishments offers some of the most comprehensive basement conversion and basement extension services available in Clapham, Fulham, Chelsea, Stretham, Brixton, Dulwich, and other areas of South West and South East London. From the very beginning of your project, which is the design process, to the last stages of construction, we will always make sure your project is carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether you’re looking for a simple basement extension or a full-on basement conversion, you can count on us to carry out the whole process from start to finish, offering the highest quality in the area, while keeping prices low.

If you’re living in Pimlico, Stockwell, Fulham, Stretham, or any other South West or South East London area, you can be sure that with T&G Prestige Refurbishments, you’ll get a comprehensive basement extension and conversion service at a very fair price. Contact us now and find out for yourself!

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