T&G Prestige Refurbishments offers a reliable refurbishment service to all of its London clients. Whether your project involves just a tiny touch-up to your existing living space, or involves a full refurbishment of all aspects of your household, or even a house extension, you can be sure that we’re always ensuring top quality, paying close attention to every detail, all in order to make sure that your project is carried out in the simplest, most reliable way possible.

The project described here involved a thorough refurbishment of an entire home. We had to handle all of the basics, from flooring, through plumbing, to external elements like brickwork and roofing. It was quite the challenge, but our experienced team handled everything without any problems, resulting in a completed project that met all of the client’s expectations.

We started by replacing all of the flooring in the building, as well as handling the plumbing installations, since those two procedures went hand in hand on many occasions. We’ve improved the plumbing in all the areas, ensuring that all rooms that need water, i.e. the bathrooms and kitchens, get a steady flow of water at all times. This also includes radiators, in order to ensure that the home receives adequate heating in the colder months. The flooring we installed came in various types, depending on the room, including tiles, panels, and carpets.

We then moved on to the external part of the house, replacing old brickwork with new, more reliable bricks that meet all the current regulations. On top of adding more brickwork to the external walls, we also added new brickwork structures to the garden, resulting in partitions that help make the garden appear much more welcoming. We also replaced the old roofing tiles with new roofing solutions that are bound not only to look better for many years to come, but also provide more adequate protection to the areas closest to the roof.

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